Providing InDoor Online Spaces
Welcome to InDoors Incorporated, providers of the DORRENTM hypervisor-bios.

 DORRENTM gives  you  the best of all worlds:

  • Keep using your Windows® and Microsoft® Office® applications and files in your outdoor operating system while you
  • Maintain and share your important files in an InDoorTM collaborative namespace-oriented operating system.

For centuries, building codes and occupancy permits have given us confidence in the security and manageability of the spaces in which we meet, share information, get work done and socialize. Now, with DorrenTM you can have the same confidence in the building on your desktop or phone.

DorrenTM is built according to the standards of the Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure. Every occupant of your shared namespace must carry an x.509 identity certificate that was issued according to the same duly constituted public authority behind your building's occupancy permit. All certificates are issued by the appropriate department at the City of Osmio. You have the assurance that only properly identified and authorized individuals have access to confidential information.

DorrenTM complements the outdoor public transport system that used to be called the Information Highway with that which highways typically bring us to, that is, buildings.

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